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Halloween Colouring Contest

13 October 2020

Enter to win the Halloween Colouring Contest presented by Sandi De Camargo of RE/MAX Hallmark Realty.

9 Ways to Celebrate Halloween Amid Covid

01 October 2020

I’ve been seeing some great ideas on the internet for ways to celebrate Halloween this year. Some of them are for safe trick or treating, while others are ideas you can do with your kids in lieu of traditional trick or treating. Here are some of my favorites. If you have more ideas to add, drop them in the comments for everyone to see!

Halloween Must Go On

30 September 2020

As many if you know by now, Halloween is my favourite holiday of the year! Unfortunately, I must put my Annual "Great Pumpkin Giveaway" on hold this year for safety reasons, BUT I've decided to move the fun online!

Fall Decorating on a Budget

28 September 2020

There is something about decorating for fall that gives me the warm fuzzies! It may be the promise of cool, crisp evenings with brilliant sunsets, or the fact that fall decorating is all about creating a cozy atmosphere in your home. The fun thing about fall decorating is that it’s easy and inexpensive. Here are a few of my favorite fall decorating ideas that are easy to accomplish on a shoestring budget.

Home Seller FAQ

02 September 2020

Seller’s FAQ’s When is a good time to sell? An easy answer is when it’s best for you! Obviously, if you are closing on a home purchase, moving for work, or want to get settled before the new school year, you have a timeline you need to work with. But, if you have the luxury of choosing when to sell, there are a few considerations.

How to Stage Your Master Bedroom To Feel Like An Oasis

21 August 2020

Our bedrooms are our space to get a good night's sleep so we can wake up refreshed and recharged for the day! That's why it's important to create a space that feels peaceful and relaxing. Whether you're looking for great staging tips to prep your home for sale or your Master bedroom is just in need of a makeover, you can put these tips to work to get it to the oasis level!

Packing a Perfect Picnic

04 August 2020

Packing a Perfect Picnic Summer is in full swing and with social distancing keeping us from frequenting restaurants as often as we might normally, picnicking is a great way to get your family outside for some meal-time adventure.

Home Remodeling Upgrades to Reconsider

11 July 2020

Did you know that not all home renovations increase your property value? Yep, that’s right! Some renovations can even hurt your property value. So whether you’re looking to make improvements to reflect the latest design trend or you just want to makeover a space to make it more functional for your current lifestyle, you’ll want to make sure the changes aren’t going to hurt your property’s resale value.

What Does A Buyer's Agent Actually Do?

25 June 2020

After helping many first time home buyers successfully buy their dream home, I noticed something that I want to share with as many future first time home buyers as possible! What I noticed was that several of these buyers weren’t aware that they had the ability to use a buyer’s agent to represent them in one of the biggest purchases they will ever make!

How Can I Qualify For A Mortgage?

16 June 2020

If you are thinking about buying a home this year and aren’t sure if you will qualify for a mortgage, there are several actions you can take to improve your chances of being approved for the amount you wish to borrow.